"Whitey's Dad" is a parody song that was arranged and performed by Iafrate, who in a previous life was a professional music composer for television and movies. It was based on "Michael's Dad", a song composed in memory of Michael Jordan's dad by John Niems, but was the subject of ridicule on The Jim Rome Show. It was tacked onto the end of his Smack-Off 2004 call, and ultimately led to him winning the competition.

I would like to dedicate the remainder of my Smack-Off call to one of the true quiet heroes in a Jungle filled with noise, a man who has toiled in virtual obscurity, that we might enjoy this fellowship of the clone. And so I offer this original composition of my own hand, and heart, in his honor and with deep gratitude.

We've all been watching a guy on Romey's team
Perform like no albino ever had
And always behind him for the world to see
A beaming Mr. Albers, smiling Whitey's dad

How proud he must have been to be Whitey's dad
Each time he put a cart in
How great it must have felt to be Whitey's dad
Watching his son hit the buzzer
Year after year.


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