Travis Rodgers (nicknamed T-Rodge) was the senior producer for the radio program The Jim Rome Show. Travis doubled as the e-mail screener, and at times hosted the show when regular host Jim Rome went on vacation. He had been the show's producer for eleven years, and was also a producer on Rome's TV show, Jim Rome Is Burning.

On the radio program, he is maybe best known for his "front porch". The front porch reference came from an audience member at Rome's Tour Stop in Wisconsin - of all places. After getting a look at Rodgers on stage at the show, the audience member shouted "Nice front porch!", alluding to the size of Rodgers' massive gut.

Travis pitched for the UC Santa Barbara baseball team in the early 1990s after starring at Arcadia High School.

On June 8, 2007, pictures of Travis hoisting the Stanley Cup over his head were posted on Jim This appeared disrespectful to some Canadians, but was generally well received by Americans. However most Canadians polled stated that this was a non issue and were more concerned about genocide in Darfur.

On June 10, 2009, Jim briefly announced at the end of the day's show that Travis Rodgers was moving on to bigger and better things. This turn of events was very suspicious due to the fact that Jim and Travis had been close for so long, even going so far as to dedicating an extensive celebration for his 10 year anniversary working on the show.

On September 7, 2009, Travis launched his blog. He has also become active on Twitter

In September, 2010, Travis hosted his own show on 1560 The Game in Houston Texas. (Travis Rodgers Profile on station website)

He now works for 830 KLAA in Orange County, California as a morning show host, with part of his show in fact overlapping with the Jim Rome show.