Tramps like us, babe. —Trapper in Dana Point, typical call ending

Trapper in Dana Point is a classic clone from Dana Point, California. One of the most controversial clones among other clones, he is known for his soft, depressed voice and his love for Bruce Springsteen, a fandom he has in common with Rome. He typically ends his calls with the term "Tramps like us" (from Springsteen's "Born to Run"), and makes liberal uses of the terms "I'm a made guy" and "thirty pieces of silver".

Some callers believe Rome shows favoritism to Trapper, particularly in recent years, and typically look down upon his calling skills. Those who don't like him typically gloss him as Crapper. Some callers latch on to his leftist leanings, which he occasionally expresses during his calls, making him a rival to conservative clone Jeff in Richmond. Although he has placed as high as 4th in the Smack-Off (2004), he has also been run in three Smack-Offs. (1998, 1999 and 2003).

He became notorious in December 2000 for participating in one of the most infamous calls in Jungle history: the tandem call with John in C-Town.

Trapper has been calling the show since Rome's days in local syndication. He is considered one of the Big Three--callers that have contacted the show since syndication--along with Silk in Huntington Beach and Irie Craig.

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