The Garden is a bit on The Jim Rome Show from December 8, 2005, in response to a caller whose boss said the show was "overly negative". (See "keeping things positive"). Rome spent several segments after that call speaking in a very saccharine tone with soft classical music as his bumpers, turning "the Jungle" into "the Garden". Most of the callers, who still wanted to talk "negatively", were run, and he spent a lot of his time speaking sarcastically about how Barry Bonds and Terrell Owens were "team players".

At the end of the show, he said that a "positive" show was a boring show, and resolved to continue to take idiots to task like he usually does.

"The Garden" made a brief return on November 20, 2014. The previous night, LeBron James had cost his Cleveland Cavaliers team a game against the San Antonio Spurs with a late turnover, yet he was talking about the positives from that game. Rome mocked LeBron's post-game comments by bringing back "The Garden" for the rest of the segment.