Jim Rome refers to fans of The Jim Rome Show and his CBS Sports Network TV show "ROME" as "Clones." This nickname stems from the fact that their devotion to Rome, along with their use of "smack," makes them different from normal people but all the same as each other. Also, Clones tend to reiterate Rome's takes rather than having individual viewpoints, which adds to the weight of the name.

Clones almost always identify themselves by their name and city of origin, such as Jeff in Richmond, Rachael in Houston, or Oren in Denver. Some Clones have unique nicknames, such as Sean "The Cablinasian" and Rabbi Kenneth "Iafrate" Chasen.

Banning of Clones is extremely rare, and typically only occurs for racist or otherwise insensitive takes. The most infamous of these incidents occured to Willie in K.C., who was banned in late 2003 for an anti-Semitic take, being as Rome is Jewish.

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