Terrence in Sierra Madre is an old-school Jungle caller from the community of Sierra Madre, in the northeastern suburbs of Los Angeles. A Smack-Off participant for 13 years running, Terrence ranks highly among the legendary old-school Southern California callers, and has been labeled by many as the best caller never to win the title of King of Smack - in fact, Terrence remains among the few legendary callers without a title who have failed to place even second in the event.

Along with participating in 13 straight Smack-Off championships, Terrence remains a frequent caller to the show - someone who will often get in on a Friday or a getaway day, often as the first caller.

Unlike some polarizing callers such as Jeff in Richmond, Oren in Denver or Rachel in Houston, Terrence is widely loved by the show's listeners and emailers, who year after year tune in to the Smack-Off hoping Terrence will shed his reputation and finally win King of Smack. Terrence is widely loved mainly for his takes which are often considered fresh and funny by many of the listeners.

Many Terrence backers, along with Rome himself, believe that his best Smack-Off performance came in the 2005 event, in which he placed third to Iafrate and five-time champ Sean the Cablinasian. In that Smack-Off, he combined his take on 'the average Clone' with a song about call screener Jason Stewart.

Though he hasn't won the event, Terrence has been a fixture in the Smack-Off top 5 in recent years, finishing 5th or higher in four of those five years. Yet, Jim Rome himself wondered publicly following Smack-Off 2008 if Terrence's chances had slammed shut. In his 2008 Smack-Off winning call, Iafrate was careful to note that the "best caller never to win" has never placed higher than third, joking he was "still searching for number two, and still unable to produce number two without a laxative."

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