Steve Carbone, known today in the Jungle as Stevie from LMU, is an old-school Southern California caller, and at one time worked for the Jungle. While he was employed by the Jungle, he was known as "Phoneslap" due to his job as call screener for the program, a job now held by current call screener Jason Stewart. As a Jungle legend, he is known for his rivalry with fellow old-schooler and five-time Smack-Off winner Sean the Cablinasian.

One of eight separate Smack-Off winners, Carbone is most known for his legendary call in Smack-Off 1998, in which he let loose with this infamous blast at The Clones,

"I got a job, and you don't! I get chicks, and you don't! I get benefits, and you don't! Basically, I've got game and you don't! For the last time, losers, I am not a f***ing clone! OUT!"

That call won him the event, and to date that is his only Smack-Off championship.

Carbone has called the show less frequently in recent years, and typically only shows up in the Smackoff.

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