Raider Mike is an old school, pre-syndicate Jungle caller from Redondo Beach, California, who now resides in Arlington, Texas, and is also a member of the United States Military, as he has served in the War in Iraq several different times since Sept. 11. He is a fan of the Oakland Raiders and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Unlike most Jungle callers, Raider Mike's strength is not running smack, but rather, discussing Southern California sports and the Raiders. As evidenced, in a return phone call to the Jungle in 2006 following several years of absence, he cracked Hall of Famer and San Francisco Giants outfielder Barry Bonds, saying it was a "freaking crime" for Hank Aaron to lose his home run record to someone who was a suspected perjur at the time, and to someone who didn't respect the game of baseball.

One exception to Raider Mike not running smack was in 2000, in response to the clones being considered friendless, jobless losers. In response, right before a Los Angeles Dodgers-San Diego Padres baseball game, Raider Mike said, "I've got a wife that looks like a goddess. I live on the beach and not in a freaking shopping cart, and on this beautiful, sunny SoCal day, I'll be down at the Murph...watching my baseball team lay down the hammah on a bunch of scrubs. Life is great and I've got the scoreboard today, chumps."

Rome said immediately after that this call was one of Raider Mike's most epic blasts ever.