They say "discretion is the better part of valor", but this isn't one of those times. —Oren in Denver, February 24, 2006

Oren in Denver, real name Oren Lomena, is a new-school caller from Denver, Colorado. He is a fan of the Denver Nuggets, Denver Broncos and Boise State Broncos.

He became active in early 2006, racking several calls in January and February. He got in such a groove that Jim Rome not only gave Oren the first non-automatic invite to Smack-Off 2006, but also gave him a vote (along with T-Rodge and himself) in the decision on whether to stay on Premier Radio Networks or accept an offer by Sirius to move to satellite radio.

Oren is one of the polarizing new-school callers, as people either love him or hate him. He has been invited to the past three Smack-Offs. He was run in 2006 for rambling, but placed 10th in 2007. He did not place in 2008.

Oren had the distinction of being the first caller of 2007, giving his props on January 2 to Denver Broncos football player Darrent Williams, who had been killed the previous night.

Oren, calling himself the "Weekender", now has a sports talk radio show on KKFN 104.3 FM in Denver weekends from 10am-1pm Mountain time. Since the station is a Jim Rome affiliate, he is still eligible to participate in the Smack-Off.

Oren returned to the Jungle in 2018 upon learning of the return of Jeff in Richmond, and earned a Golden Ticket to Smackoff 24. However, he was stripped of his Ticket the day before when he talked smack about Henry Winkler, a friend of the Jim Rome, who had put together a video supporting Leff in Laguna Beach's bid to win a third straight Smackoff.

Verbal MurderEdit

He made himself famous in February 2006. On February 21, he was run for making a crude reference while committing a clone-on-clone crime against Joey in New Bedford. The next day, during a call he made, Jeff in Richmond referred to Oren as "Boring ERRR Epileptic in Denver". That led to an epic crack-back on February 24 that was referred to at the time by Jim Rome as "perhaps the biggest call ever". The call consisted of several cracks at Jeff in Richmond being a redneck.