Jim in Fall River is an old-school caller from Fall River, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston.

Jim is best known for his infamous Smack-Off 2001 call. As the call progressed, although he brought a high level of smack, his pacing kept getting faster and his tone kept getting higher. Then a background sound was heard, which was referred to by Rome as some kind of farm animal; the Clones eventually settled on calling it a donkey. Rome tried to get Jim to stop and tell him what was going on in the background, but Jim was too engrossed in his take. Eventually Jim was run, but despite that he was racked in 8th place.

Jim followed his 2001 performance with a classic Smack-Off 2002 call whose highlight was his plea to the networks not to focus their cameras on "one Andrew Pettitte", claiming he "pitches with his mouth agape, and has the eyes of a goat". He finished the call by referencing the previous year and 9/11: "No mules, just right. God Rack America." The call won third place, and his take on Andy Pettitte is considered one of the most epic takes in Jungle history, clone-on-clone crime notwithstanding.

Jim would go on to place 6th in the Smack-Off 2003. He did well in the Smack-Off 2004 but he got run when he tried to finish his call with a crude sexual reference involving his girlfriend and "his donkey". Rome stated that Jim might have beaten eventual winner Iafrate if not for that reference.

Other callers refer to Jim when referencing farm animals or bestiality, due to his 2001 and 2004 Smack-Off calls. Jim has not called since the 2004 Smack-Off, though Rome has made it known on-air that he is welcome back to the Jungle.