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Jim Rome Is Burning (originally titled Rome Is Burning and often abbreviated as JRIB) was a sports conversation and opinion show hosted by Jim Rome. The program aired Monday through Friday on ESPN at 4:30 PM ET, after NFL Live, and lasted thirty minutes until 5:00 PM ET leading up to Around the Horn. The show was broadcast live from a studio in Los Angeles, California, rather than at the ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut. The show was sometimes pre-empted due to live sporting events airing during the afternoon, usually golf or baseball.

Debuting on May 6, 2003 as Rome Is Burning, it was originally a once a week show in primetime at 7:00 PM ET on Tuesday nights. After a short hiatus in 2004, it returned with a new name, Jim Rome Is Burning, and a late-night Thursday timeslot. In February 2005, the show began airing five days a week in the afternoon. It was produced by ESPN Original Entertainment.

The show ended on January 27, 2012 as Rome had signed a new contract with the Columbia Broadcasting System to host a show on the new CBS Sports Network.

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