Jeff in Richmond is a caller from Richmond, Virginia. He won the Smack-Off in 2002. To date, he is the only caller east of the Mississippi River to win the Smack-Off.

Jeff in Richmond is known for a rather formulaic set of takes. He has conservative tendencies, and bristles at some of the "left coast" clones, particularly Trapper in Dana Point, who is a rather outspoken liberal. He is also known for endlessly throwing professional wrestling catchphrases into his takes. Since 2000, he has not gone through a call without uttering Chris Jericho's "and I mean, EHHHHHH-VERRRRRR..." That clip is in Alvin's Mix.

Jeff claims to run a "state-of-the-art asset management firm", and supposedly has an "exclusive ten-acre countryside estate", and a wife, Tammy, who is "physically a stick of dynamite". He always starts his calls with "Jim, thanks for the vine, and thanks...for...the time", and ends his calls warring the Commonwealth of Virginia, George W. Bush, Donald Trump, and "Mr. Automatic" J-Stew "without the nicks and cuts of a blade"

Jeff in Richmond's calling style is almost universally derided by other Clones. Iafrate, who came in second to Jeff in the 2002 Smack-Off, refers to himself as an "unmitigated loser" for doing so.