Jon Ferguson Cox "Jay" Mohr (born August 23, 1970), is an American comedian. He is also a "super-clone", also known as the "Slam Man," being a caller as well as a show contributor and frequent guest host. He has been invited to Smack-Offs since 2007.

Prior to Smack-Off 2007, Jay Mohr was the first to respond to Vic in NoCal's "called shot".

He placed 7th in 2007, 9th in 2008 and 10th in 2009.

While most Clones like when he guest hosts the show, some believe that being a Clone himself is beneath Jay. Iafrate used the fact that Jay is a comedian in his winning Smack-Off call in 2008, saying it probably wasn't a wise career move to keep losing in the Smack-Off. Lately (in 2009), some clones crack on Jay gaining some weight recently.

Recently, Jay has parlayed his work on Rome into a subplot on his current TV sitcom, Gary Unmarried, where his character, Gary Brooks, becomes a local sports talk radio personality.