Hack-Off 2010 is the first annual competition of the most epically bad callers in the history of The Jim Rome Show.

The CallsEdit

First HourEdit

Second HourEdit

Third HourEdit

The RankingsEdit

  1. Vinnie Mac in Des Moines
  2. Brendan in Wilmington
  3. Fabian in LA
  4. Norman in Norman
  5. Jolene in Farmington
  • Eddie in Boise (RUN)
  • Aaron in Canton (RUN)
  • Jason in Ottawa (RUN)
  • Ryan in Wichita (RUN)
  • Jesus in Chicago (RUN)


Vinnie Mac in Des Moines won the 2010 Hack-Off, giving him a second chance in the Jungle. His prize was entry in Smack-Off 2010.

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