Greg in Vegas is not a terribly old-school caller, but has been racking calls for a very long time. Although Rome officially calls Terrence in Sierra Madre "the greatest caller never to win the Smack-Off", some believe that Greg deserves the accolade more.

Greg is known for having very controversial smack, including an obsession for amputees, the disabled, and the recently deceased. Rome usually wonders on-air whether he should run Greg's calls or rack them. In one of his earliest calls, he referred to Otis Nixon as the last active player to play in the Negro Leagues. He is infamous for losing Smack-Off 2003 solely because of a crack on Bruce Edwards, then the caddie for Tom Watson, and the fact that he was suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease. He's also been run for distasteful comments about then-recently-deceased Lakers radio announcer Chick Hearn, and the controversial vegetative nursing home patient Terry Schiavo, among others.

He was ranked second in 2003 and 2006. In the latter year, Rome said there was no doubt that call was a racked call.