Michael DiTolla, known on the show as Doc Mike DiTolla, is a caller from Newport Beach, California, one of the Jungle Legends, and has followed The Jim Rome Show from its earliest days. One of the dominant "Brothers DiTolla" along with Jeffrey E. DiTolla "Esquire", he and his brother are known for their high-brow humor and their high-level careers, with Esquire being an attorney, and Doc Mike being a dentist. He was also legendary on the fax machine in the days before e-mail.

Doc Mike DiTolla is a two-time Smack-Off Champion, having won in 1997 and 2000. He was the first two-time Smack-Off Champion.

He retired after placing seventh in Smack-Off 2004, but un-retired on February 5, 2008, and returned to Smack-Off 2008, where he placed second behind Iafrate, after Iafrate called him a coward, having seemingly disappeared during Sean the Cablinasian's reign of terror. Doc Mike cracked back on April 28, 2008, the show after the Smack-Off, reminding Iafrate of all the finishes he had under Doc Mike, claiming Iafrate finished under him more often than his own wife. He also promised that he would be calling the show regularly from now on.